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WildCraft Light Sculptures

WildCraft Light Sculptures

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Discover the Magic of WildCraft Light Sculptures offers a remarkable assortment of animal-inspired, stained glass-style lighting creations. Each piece is meticulously designed to infuse your living spaces with a mesmerizing interplay of light and a vivid array of hues. With a choice of 16 distinct animal motifs, these sculptural lights are not just sources of illumination, but also captivating accents that can elevate the charm of any room.

✔️ Explore 16 Exquisite Motifs - Delve into our range of 16 exclusive animal themes, where each light sculpture is a work of art, offering a special way to showcase your personal style and preferences.

✔️ Exquisite Stained Glass Artistry - Every light sculpture is a testament to the beauty of skilled craftsmanship, adding elegance and depth to your interiors with their vibrant, carefully arranged patterns.

✔️ Elegant Decor Pieces - Perfect for enhancing the atmosphere of tables, bookshelves, nightstands, or any corner in your home, these sculptures serve a dual function: providing light while adding a touch of artistic expression.

✔️ Ambiance Enhancers - Designed to create a soothing and inviting atmosphere, our sculptures are essential for enriching the ambiance of your home, enveloping your space in warmth and enchanting allure.

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Material: Resin
Size: 15cm / 5.91in
Power Source: Button battery

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