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Rotating Levitation Floating Plant Pot

Rotating Levitation Floating Plant Pot

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Introducing this Item

✅ Elevate Your Planters: Behold a floating planter (plants not included) that defies gravity—an innovative twist on the traditional planter. Plant enthusiasts adore this planter for its elegant design, unique charm, and cutting-edge technology that promotes plant well-being.

✅ Premium Pot: Crafted from high-quality materials, this exquisite floating bonsai pot boasts a sleek texture, easy maintenance, and a distinctiveness that keeps plants secure while suspended in the air, adding a touch of exclusivity to floral and green displays within your living space.

✅ Contemporary Style: With a sleek and modern look, this flower pot complements a range of indoor and outdoor settings, enhancing any environment with a stylish flair.

✅ Versatile Appeal: Perfect for a variety of plants, including small orchids, succulents, ferns, aloes, and cacti, this pot offers a one-of-a-kind showcase for your botanical beauties.

✅ Statement Piece: Add a touch of elegance to your surroundings with this extraordinary decoration that appears to defy gravity, sure to capture attention and spark conversations. It features an elegant faux wood grain base with a striking finish.

Important Reminders
1. Position the plant in the center of the pot during planting for optimal balance.

2. Avoid exceeding the maximum weight capacity to prevent shifting or sinking (plant not included).

3. When watering, take care not to spill water onto the base. In case of spills, promptly dry to prevent damage.

How to Achieve Levitation

Mastering levitating devices requires patience and practice initially. If you are new to magnetic levitation products, you may need several attempts before achieving success. But once you do, the process becomes simpler with each try!


Place the pot and base on a flat, non-metallic surface. Connect the AC Adapter to power and plug the other end into the base.
levitation pot


Hold the plant above the center of the base with both hands, then gently lower the pot towards the base. Adjust the pot until you feel a slight resistance. Maintain stability for a few seconds once you feel a gentle release.
levitating air bonsai


Once the pot feels almost balanced in mid-air, release it gradually until it begins to rotate on its own. If unsuccessful, try again—it may take a few attempts initially. If all else fails, turn off the base, allow it to cool, and retry.
magnetic floating flower pot
Key Specifications

 Usage Condition: Desktop, FLOOR, Home, shopping mall, Hotel
Design Style: Minimalist, Art Decor, Modern
Item Type: Magnetic Levitating Bonsai
Power Source: Electric
Levitating Distance: 10-15mm
Base Size: DIA:15CM Height:2.8CM
DC Output: 12V 1A
Occasion: Giveaways, Business Gifts, Retirement, Graduation
Holiday: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, New Baby, Father's Day
Used With: Flower/Green Plant
Model Number: SIM10-PS
Style: Modern and Creative, Modern
Usage: Home/Office Decoration, Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift
Pot Size:
DIA:9CM Height:4.5CM
AC Input: 100-240V
Technology: Levitation
Room Space: Countertop, Bedroom, Living Room, Kids Room, Office
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