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Wooden Magnetic Night Light

Wooden Magnetic Night Light

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Emitting Color

Discover the enduring elegance of our Wooden Magnetic Night Light, boasting a classic wooden finish and a magnetic feature for easy attachment to metallic surfaces. Personalize your lighting experience with this versatile piece that not only casts a cozy glow but also provides practical illumination for navigating your space after dark.

Enchanting Magnetism

Infuse your space with a warm, welcoming radiance to create a snug atmosphere. Whether unwinding with a book or setting a cozy ambiance, our Wooden Magnetic Night Light brings a touch of enchantment to any setting. Simply plug in and bask in the gentle glow that elevates your surroundings, crafting a soothing sanctuary wherever it resides.

Timeless Sophistication

Experience the gentle guidance of the magnetic light as it adds a subtle shimmer to your evenings, creating a tranquil vibe for unwinding or reading. The understated design of the Wooden Magnetic Night Light seamlessly integrates into your décor, enhancing your home's aesthetic appeal with a functional and chic lighting solution. Immerse yourself in the soft radiance of our Wooden Magnetic Night Light and let its enduring design enrich your living spaces.

Material: Constructed from premium Walnut/Ash Wood, durable Acrylic, and precision-engineered Electronic Components.

Lighting: Powered by an efficient LED light with a warm 2700K~3000K color temperature for a cozy ambiance.

Power: The 1W LED offers a perfect blend of brightness and energy efficiency.

Light Delay: Includes a convenient 15-second delay for a gradual illumination experience.

Voltage: Operates at a safe and efficient DC5V 1A voltage.

Battery: Equipped with a sturdy 500MAH polymer lithium battery for extended use.

Dimensions: Compact and stylish at 180 x 25 x 25mm, seamlessly blending into any environment.

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