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Wood Textured Silent Wall Clock 12 Inches

Wood Textured Silent Wall Clock 12 Inches

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Enhance your space with a touch of natural sophistication using our 12-Inch Silent Wall Clock with Wood Texture. Its design, inspired by the beauty of wood, adds a cozy atmosphere to any room while guaranteeing accurate timekeeping without the distracting ticking sound. Made from environmentally friendly ABS, this clock is both sustainable and stylish, seamlessly blending nature and precision.

Key Features:
- Crafted from eco-friendly ABS material
- HD Durable Glass Cover
- Imported Silent Sweep Movement for smooth operation
- Powered by a battery (1 "AA" battery, not included)
- Size: 30.48 cm

Package Includes:
- 1 hook for easy installation
- 1 stunning clock with wood texture design

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