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UFO Raindrop Air Humidifier

UFO Raindrop Air Humidifier

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Product Description:

Indulge Your Senses with the Calming Sound of Rain: Step into a world of tranquility with our rain cloud humidifier that gently echoes the soothing rhythm of raindrops, creating a serene ambiance ideal for unwinding, focusing, or simply drifting into a state of mindfulness.
Aromatherapy Delight: Enhance your living space with a dash of your favorite essential oils on the rain cloud humidifier, infusing your home with a subtle and inviting fragrance. Experience the enduring diffusion of essential oils through the flowing water, ensuring lasting freshness and effective odor elimination.
Dual Functionality for Enhanced Pleasure: Worried about missing out on the aroma? Our innovative product features a built-in diffuser to swiftly release the essence of essential oils, enveloping the room in a delightful scent in just one second. Mix and match your preferred oils with water to envelop your space in an enchanting aroma!
Enhanced Rain Sounds, Reduced Motor Noise: Crafted with a German-imported pump, our rain humidifier produces an authentic rain sound closer to nature, coupled with an ultra-quiet motor for uninterrupted enjoyment of raindrop sounds. Perfect for transforming your bedroom, nursery, or meditation corner into a serene sanctuary.
Vibrant Cloud Nightlight Display: Select from a spectrum of 7 colors to set a serene and cozy atmosphere, promoting relaxation and deep slumber. These nightlights are perfect for children's spaces or for individuals struggling with insomnia.
Generous Water Capacity: With a 350ml reservoir, enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous misting for day-long relaxation.
User-Friendly Design: Equipped with a remote control and auto shut-off feature, our humidifier ensures effortless operation and safety for the entire household.
Ideal Gift Choice: Treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of relaxation with our elegantly crafted cloud humidifier.

Product Information:
Power supply: plug-in
Function: Humidification
Feature: Timing function
Operation mode: push-button type
Color options: White, Black, Wood Grain
Specifications: European regulations, American regulations
Style: Simplistic design
Dimensions :145x189mm

Packing list:
Humidifier X1PCS

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