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Table Lamp

Table Lamp

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The Table Lamp by Mantar offers convenient portability and is expertly crafted from iron and acrylic materials. Its solid base elegantly tapers up to a gracefully curved, mushroom-shaped shade. Equipped with a universal USB cable, this lamp can be easily recharged to provide up to eleven hours of illumination at its highest setting.

Simple to Operate

Select from three different light temperature settings by a simple tap on the lamp. Adjust the brightness level by tapping and holding onto the lamp.

Wireless & Sleek Design

With its wireless and rechargeable feature, the Table Lamp offers mobility and enhances the ambiance of any room you choose to place it in. Say goodbye to unsightly wires that disrupt the aesthetic of your space - simply pick it up and position it wherever you desire.


Material: Iron, Acrylic
Finish: Metal Plating
Environment: Intended for indoor use; may be used outdoors but must be stored indoors.
Dimensions: W: 15.6cm / 15.60 cm, H: 21cm / 21.08 cm
Weight: 0.5kg / 1.1lb
LED life time: 50,000 hours
Package Includes: 1× Table Lamp, 1×USB charging cable


Created by Mantar

Exemplifying poise and sophistication, Skorter products are conceived in Turkey, which is reflected in the name "Mantar," meaning mushroom in Turkish. The Mantar designs boast a unique and minimalist appeal known to infuse a comforting atmosphere into any living area. Mantar's vision is to innovate by harmonizing contrasting elements: classic and contemporary, industrial and natural, sculptural and understated, light and shadow.

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