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Spaceship Galaxy Projection Lamp

Spaceship Galaxy Projection Lamp

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New Product Details:

Item Name: Galaxy Rover Projector
Model: L59
Color and Style: Space Yellow/Galaxy Grey
Function Style: Direct Insertion/Power Storage
Specifications: 137x157x109mm
Package Size: 164x182x128mm
Packaging Material: Kraft Paper+Coated Paper
Material: ABS+PC
Accessories: User Manual+Type-C Power Cord+Remote Control
Input Voltage: DC5V/2A
Power Rating: 8W MAX (Power Storage Type)
Laser Power: 0.8W (1 × 1W/LED module)
LED Power: High-Power LED 2.5W (1 × 3W/LED module)3535LED0.5W(1 × 3W/LED module)5050LED0.0.15W(3 × 0.2W/LED module)F5LED0.1W(2 × 0.2W/LED module)
Motor Power: 0.2W
Speaker Power: 8 Ω 1W
Product Net Weight: 356g of Electricity Storage Fund

Package Includes:

Projection Lamp * 1 User Manual * 1 Power Cord * 1 Remote Control * 1

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