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Smart Lamp For Kids

Smart Lamp For Kids

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Interactive Illumination for Children is the ideal item to surprise your little one. It comes packed with cutting-edge technology to ensure safety at all times. Easily sync it with any Alexa device for effortless management of brightness and color options. This smart lamp is not only a charming addition but also serves as a fun way to introduce your kids to colors, allowing them to choose their favorites.

Product Details:
      • An interactive lamp designed for kids - Connects seamlessly with compatible Alexa devices for voice-controlled color and brightness adjustments.
      • Set up personalized lighting cues, perfect for marking dinner countdowns or bedtime reading sessions.
      • Encourage kids to customize their space with playful lighting while playing or enjoying music.
      • Color-shifting feature acts as a visual aid to help children follow their morning and bedtime routines effectively.
      • Activate Night Owl lighting modes for a splash of colorful illumination.

       Key Features:

      • Dimensions: 3.2"H x 3.9"W 3.9"D
      • Weight: 0.54 lbs.
      • Power Source: 1 USB connection
      • Connectivity: Wi-Fi
      • Color: Blue
      • Brightness: 100 lumens
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