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Nordic Silent Wall Clock for Livingroom 12.6 Inches

Nordic Silent Wall Clock for Livingroom 12.6 Inches

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Elevate the look of your living room with our 12.6-Inch Nordic Silent Wall Clock. This clock features a Nordic-inspired design that brings a touch of sophistication to your space, while eliminating any disruptive ticking sounds. It is made from eco-friendly ABS material and boasts a sturdy metal frame, ensuring both accuracy and environmental consciousness. Add a touch of simplicity to your timekeeping and create a tranquil ambiance in your living room with this stylish and eco-conscious clock.

Made from eco-friendly ABS material and featuring a durable metal frame, this clock is a responsible addition to your decor. It comes with a HD durable glass cover and is powered by an imported silent sweep movement. The clock runs on a battery (not included) and measures 32.00 cm in size. With your purchase, you will receive 1 hook and 1 beautiful clock to complete your decor.

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