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Night Lights Led Star Projector For Bedroom

Night Lights Led Star Projector For Bedroom

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Experience a celestial escape in your bedroom with Our Night Lights LED Star Projector. Immerse yourself in a realm of dreams and magic by embellishing your sleeping space with our LED Star Projector. Witness the captivating spectacle of thousands of stars twinkling and swirling across your ceiling, crafting an entrancing celestial ambiance that will guide you into a serene slumber.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 6.8”D x 4.9”W x 4.4”H
  • Special Feature: Corded for hassle-free use
  • Light Source: LED technology for vivid illumination
  • Finish Type: Unique mixed finish
  • Material: High-quality Plastic
  • Lamp Type: Night Light for subtle radiance
  • Room Compatibility: Ideal for the Bedroom
  • Power Source: Easy to use Corded Electric
  • Shape: Elegant Curved design
  • Controller: Convenient Remote Control included
  • Switch Type: User-friendly Push Button
  • Theme: Musical vibes with Music-themed design
  • Connectivity: Seamless Bluetooth technology integration
  • Included Accessories: Light kit for instant setup
  • Mounting: Suitable for Tabletop placement
  • Weight: Light and portable at 1.1 pounds
  • Batteries: Requires 1 Lithium Metal battery
  • Finish Types: Varied mixed finishes for versatility
  • Usability: Perfect for Audiovisual and projecting needs
  • Special Features: Designed with Corded convenience
  • Light Direction: Adjustable for custom illumination
  • Bulb Features: Dimmable for adjustable brightness
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