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Modern Swirl LED Ceiling Light

Modern Swirl LED Ceiling Light

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Enhance Your Space with Sophistication - Contemporary Swirl LED Ceiling Light

Elevate the atmosphere of any room in your house with our exquisite Contemporary Swirl LED Ceiling Light. These elegant ceiling lights bring a modern touch of sophistication and enchanting brightness to your living area.

Sleek and Modern Style

Showcasing a chic and contemporary design, these ceiling lights feature intricate swirl patterns that immediately enhance the visual appeal of your space. The modern aesthetic adds a touch of grace and allure to your home decor.

High-Quality Aluminum Build

Made from premium aluminum, these ceiling lights not only showcase strength but also offer a lightweight and stylish structure. The top-notch material ensures durable performance, making these lights a dependable choice for your household.

Efficient LED Illumination

Each ceiling light is equipped with a long-lasting LED light, delivering energy-efficient brightness with a prolonged lifespan. Experience the advantages of cost-effective lighting without compromising on the clarity or caliber of the illumination.

Flexible Installation Choices

Select between the recessed version, requiring an opening in the ceiling or wall of 1.9" - 3.5", for a seamless and unified appearance. Alternatively, opt for the mounted version, which can be directly installed on the surface of the wall or ceiling, providing flexibility in positioning.

Sustainable Lighting Option

Adopt an eco-friendly lighting solution with our Contemporary Swirl LED Ceiling Light. Through their energy-efficient LED technology, these lights aid in reducing energy consumption and supporting a more sustainable environment.

Infuse elegance and radiance into your home with the Contemporary Swirl LED Ceiling Light. With its modern design, premium aluminum craftsmanship, and adaptable installation alternatives, this lighting fixture effortlessly enriches your space while prioritizing eco-consciousness.

Product Details
  • Introduce these exquisite contemporary swirl ceiling lights to any area of your home!
  • Crafted from durable aluminum material.
  • Compatible with voltage: 90 - 260V
  • Power consumption: 3W
  • Power Source: AC
  • Includes energy-efficient LED light.
  • Recessed version requires an opening in the ceiling or wall ranging from 1.9" - 3.5"
  • Mounted version can be directly fixed to the wall or ceiling surface.
  • Promotes environmental friendliness!
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