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Minimalist Pendulum Silent Wall Decorative Clock for Livingroom

Minimalist Pendulum Silent Wall Decorative Clock for Livingroom

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Transform your living room decor by introducing our Minimalist Pendulum Silent Wall Decorative Clock. This stylish piece adds a contemporary touch of elegance while maintaining a peaceful ambiance, completely free from any disruptive ticking noise. Crafted using eco-friendly materials such as solid walnut pointers, MDF, and acrylic, this clock not only looks stunning but also demonstrates an environmentally conscious approach. Simplify timekeeping and create a modern and serene atmosphere in your living room with this exceptional and dependable clock.

Materials: Solid Walnut Pointer, Eco-Friendly MDF, Acrylic
Movement: Imported Silent Sweep Movement
Size: 36cm x 60cm
Power Source: Battery
Included: 1 hook and 1 exquisite clock (Battery-powered with 2 "AA" batteries included)

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