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Magnetic Levitation Globe Lamp

Magnetic Levitation Globe Lamp

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Experience the mesmerizing beauty of levitating and spinning in the air

✅ Enhanced Magnetic Levitation: Immerse yourself in the wonder of advanced magnetic levitation technology as the globe gracefully hovers and glides through a seamless 360° rotation without any physical support.

✅ Educational Exploration: Delve into the realms of geography with the captivating floating globe, providing a vivid depiction of Earth's domains and countries' geographical locations. A remarkable high-tech tool that ignites a passion for learning geography, social studies, and science in kids.

✅ Effortless Power Supply: Illuminate your space with the 6-inch levitating globe powered by electromagnetic induction, eliminating the need for wires or built-in batteries while emitting soft LED lights that are gentle on the eyes.

✅ Thoughtful Gift and Decor Piece: Elevate special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, or weddings with this extraordinary gift for your loved ones, children, or family. The globe serves as a distinctive ornament for your home, office, meeting room, auditorium, cafeteria, or guesthouse, boasting a unique visual presence and an elegant book-shaped base that enhances its striking design.

Useful Tips:
1. This product operates only when plugged in and should be kept away from metal objects.
2. Avoid unplugging the power adapter without removing the globe, as it may cause the globe to collide with the base.
3. Maintain a minimum distance of 20cm from electronic or magnetic devices.

Master the Art of Levitation

When embarking on the journey of levitation with magnetic devices, patience and practice are key. If you are new to the world of levitation products, initial attempts may require multiple trials before achieving success. However, once you overcome the initial hurdle, the process becomes smoother and more rewarding!

floating globe lamp


Position the base on a level, non-magnetic surface and activate the power by connecting the cable to the base and plugging the adapter into the outlet.

led floating globe lamp
Grasp the globe with both hands. Commence from the center, positioning your hands approximately 10 cm above the base, and gradually lower them until they reach about 2 cm above the base. Sensation of an upward repelling force will be felt.

levitating globe lamp


Once you sense an almost perfect balance in mid-air (neither falling nor rising), gradually release your grip. If the globe is drawn towards the base, reset and repeat from step 2. If not, congratulations, you've successfully achieved levitation!

Vital Information

Subject: Geography
Model Number: SIM10-BOOK
Function: Floating Globe: Enchanting Gift
Usage: Home/Office Ornament, Gift for Christmas and Birthdays
Globe Size: 14cm
DC Input: 12V 1A
Map Review Number: GS (2020) 1704
Item Type: Magnetic Levitating Globe
Power Source: Electric
Levitating Distance: 10-15mm
Base Size: 15.9*21.2*2.8cm
Keyword: Magnetic Levitating

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