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Led Rgb Lights Wireless Phone Charger Table Clock

Led Rgb Lights Wireless Phone Charger Table Clock

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Enhance your connectivity and organization with our Wireless Phone Charger Table Clock featuring LED RGB Lights. This versatile clock not only helps you stay on schedule, but also offers convenient wireless charging capabilities for your phone. With its customizable RGB lights, it adds a vibrant and stylish touch to any space. This modern table clock seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics, enabling you to be productive and illuminated at the same time.
Material: Made from durable ABS Plastic
Wireless Charging Distance: Up to 8mm
Rated Power: 10W
Power Input: 12V/1A
Wireless Charging Power: 5W
Weight: Weighs 850g
Size: Measures 26cm x  24.5cm x 10.5cm
Switching Method: Convenient touch-sensitive switch
Functions: Can be used as a bedside night light, phone wireless charger, and alarm clock
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