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LED Digital Wall Clock

LED Digital Wall Clock

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Upgrade your home decor and keep things organized with our innovative LED Digital Wall Clock. This multifunctional timepiece not only accurately displays the time but also boasts alarm, date, and temperature features. Its built-in automatic backlight ensures optimal visibility regardless of the lighting conditions. Whether you opt to mount it on the wall or position it on your desktop, this clock serves as a chic and practical addition to your living space. Transform your timekeeping and interior styling with our LED Digital Wall Clock today!

Product Details:
Product name: 3D LED digital wall clock
Weight: Approximately 190 grams
Size: 225 mm * 85 mm * 17 mm
Material: Acrylic
Temperature range: 0-50℃(32-122℉)
Color: Available in Black and White
Light: Blue, White, Red, Pink, Green
Accessories: User manual, USB power cord
Power supply: USB
Output Voltage: DC 5V
Input voltage: 100-240V

Package Content:
1* LED wall clock
1* USB power plug
1* User manual

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