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Home Lighthouse Air Purifier

Home Lighthouse Air Purifier

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Introducing the Lighthouse Humidifier, a compact and creative USB night light humidifier that also functions as an ultrasonic air purifier.

Product Name: Lighthouse Humidifier
Material: ABS / PP / silicone

Product Dimensions: 80 * 80 * 143MM

Available in stylish colors including green, pink, blue, red, and gray
Product Includes: one lighthouse humidifier, two sponge sticks, one data cable, one Chinese and English manual
[Precautions]: Please note that this product is designed as a humidifier and is not suitable for use with essential oils. Using essential oils may diminish the lifespan of the product. We recommend using tap water in the humidifier, as distilled water alters the water quality by removing minerals through evaporation.

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