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Fake Plant Potted Flower

Fake Plant Potted Flower

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Redefine your living space with the Artificial Potted Flower Plant! Our imitation plants are perfect for introducing organic beauty into any room. Featuring intricate details and a lifelike appearance, you can effortlessly achieve the verdant foliage you crave, minus the upkeep. Crafted from durable plastic and silk, our plant demands no maintenance and is guaranteed to endure. Whether enhancing your workspace or infusing charm into your living area, the Artificial Potted Flower Plant imbues a hint of natural sophistication with a contemporary edge. Embrace the organic aesthetic without the requisite care with the Artificial Potted Flower Plant!

SpecificationsColor: 6 Colors to choose fromTotal Length: 25cm/9.84 inchesPackage: 1 piece (flower and vase included)

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