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Elegant Expression Sculpture

Elegant Expression Sculpture

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Experience the essence of sophistication with the Graceful Harmony Sculpture, adding a touch of femininity and charm to your surroundings while maintaining an understated elegance. These exquisite and opulent sculptures are sure to make a lasting impression in any area of your home.

This interpretive artwork encourages contemplation and conversation wherever it is placed. The intricate details and sleek design contribute to an overall refined aesthetic.

Display these embellishments on your bedside table in the guest room, coffee table, living area, or any other focal point to welcome guests with a touch of elegance.

Exemplifying superb artistry and an intricate design, these sculptures are both simple and refined. Featuring a handmade artisanal touch, the exquisite surface finish offers a unique texture.


Material: Ceramic


Posing 31 cm x 7 cm 

Bowing 20 cm x 19 cm  

Weight 1.5Kg

Color: Warm Blue & Gold

Orders will typically arrive within 2-4 weeks from the date of purchase.

Rest assured, we will keep you informed every step of the way, and you will receive an email with tracking details once your order has been shipped.

Place your order today to begin the sculpting process tomorrow, as each piece is crafted to your specifications.

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