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Couple Swan Home Decoration

Couple Swan Home Decoration

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Product Overview:
1. Durable color that is environmentally friendly and non-damaging.
2. Graceful and elegant with a rich texture, exuding beauty.
3. The image is lifelike, offering a strong sense of realism and collectible value.
4. A lovely table decoration for home spaces and a thoughtful gift for loved ones.
5. Ideal for use as home decor, wedding room adornment, wedding gifts, birthday presents, housewarming gestures, home decor accents, unique resin craft embellishments, new home wedding room decor items, Valentine's Day couple gifts, collectible models, and more.

Product Details:
Material: Resin
Size: Large 16*8*29CM, Small 14*6*24CM

Package Includes:
1 x Couple Swan

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