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3D Floating Galaxy Night Light

3D Floating Galaxy Night Light

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✨ ENCHANTING BLEND OF LAMP AND LEVITATION - By harnessing magnetic levitation technology, this lamp is gracefully suspended and spins autonomously in the air, captivating all who witness its mesmerizing display.

✨ ASTONISHINGLY REALISTIC MOON - This intricately crafted mini moon is a true-to-life replica created with cutting-edge 3D printing, allowing you to admire the celestial beauty of the moon anytime, anywhere.

✨ SERENELY ROMANTIC AMBIANCE - With the ability to gracefully rotate 360 degrees while floating effortlessly, this radiant moon casts a gentle glow, infusing any space with an aura of tranquility and allure.

✨ ENCHANTING DECORATIVE WONDERS - Simply touch the base to effortlessly toggle between warm white, cool white, and warm yellow light effects. The soft illumination promotes relaxation and sets a tranquil atmosphere.

✨ PRECIOUS GIFT OF WONDER - An ideal present for loved ones of all ages, be it for Christmas, birthdays, special occasions, or celebrations. The joy and surprise this gift brings are truly priceless.

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